Welcome to Sopaan Foundation

AGRICULTURE is the dominant sector of Indian economy, which determines the growth and sustainability. About 65 per cent of the population still relies on agriculture for employment and livelihood. India is the first in the world in the production of milk, pulses, jute and jute-like fibres; second in rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruits and cotton production; and is a lea ding producer of spices and plantation crops as well as livestock, fisheries and poultry.

In the past few years, Indian agriculture has done remarkably well in terms of output growth. The 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12) witnessed an average annual growth of 3.6 per cent in the gross domestic product (GDP) from agriculture and allied sector.

The growth target for agriculture in the 12th Five Year Plan is estimated to be 4 per cent. Indian agriculture is benefitting huge from rising external demand and the sector's wider participation in the global economy. The strength, opportunities and weakness at village level needs to be further debated and solutions are introduced in selected segments in collaboration with villagers, Government institutions and Industry for improvement in quality of life. In order to create awareness of available technologies, programmes, government schemes and opportunity at village level, Sopaan Foundation for Development has been established as trust vide registration 1312/2012-13 New Delhi 110 075 to meet the fallowing objectives:

  • Creation of awareness regarding various welfare and development schemes of Government and facilitation to prospective beneficiaries.
  • Facilitation in procurement of critical inputs for small and marginal farmers.
  • To extend reach of medical services in backward areas.
  • To create and facilitate non-formal education for school drop-outs.
  • Facilitation to various development processes by mobilizing stakeholders.